Top 15 SD-WAN Vendors

Talari SD-WAN

Talari specializes in helping to reduce costs of SD-WAN as businesses scale. The vendor says that through its platform, customers get not only an agile network that responds in real time but also one that scales without there being a price penalty. The Talari failsafe SD-WAN, the vendor claims, has class-leading reliability and better app performance than the competition.


Cato is one of the market leaders in what they call “SD-WAN 3.0” - or SD-WAN managed and operated in the cloud. The company specializes in the cloud deployment of SD-WAN and provides secure connectivity to both mobile users, cloud data centers, branch offices, and any other location where a stakeholder can access the internet.

Ecessa SD-WAN

Ecessa has delivered SD-WAN to large enterprises for many years. It claims that customers using its SD-WAN architecture experience a 95 percent reduction in packet loss, 100 percent outage avoidance, and an 89 percent improvement in latency. The company prides itself on offering high-quality, bespoke solutions to enterprises that rely on continuous uptime.

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